Business loans

Who is the Business Customer?

This is a person who owns and runs a business that with a capital investment of Ugx.5M to Ugx. 100M.
He/ She has operated the business for more than 2 years and has built considerable financial records
that can give us an insight into the strengths and opportunities of the business for us to make an
informed decision about the financial needs of the said business.

Having operated the business for 2 or more years our customer has accumulated considerable
experience to run the business to succeed and sees potential of expanding it. Such a customer has a
business or personal motor vehicle, business asset and chattels that can be used as security for a loan.

Benefits to the Customer:

  • Business growth – we provide financial support to help customers expand their businesses through facility graduation.
  • Convenience – we have multiple channels of disbursement and payments e.g mobile money, bank &; agent banking. The customer doesn’t have to leave their businesses.
  • Customer empowerment – through record keeping and analysis, our customers are helped to understand their businesses better.
  • Non-discriminatory – we support all legally acceptable businesses in Uganda.
  • No Bank Account required – There is no need to open a bank account with Platinum Credit to access a loan.
  • Customer focus – Knowing that our customers are busy, we are happy to serve them at their business location.
  • Cash in 24 hours – We offer a fast turnaround time on loan processing to meet customer needs.
  • Flexibility – Loan repayment terms are designed in line with the customer needs.

A Commercial loan has minimum loan amount of UGX 1,000,000 and a maximum loan amount of UGX 5,000,000 while a Secured loan has a minimum loan amount of UGX 3,000,000 and a maximum loan amount of UGX 50,000,000.


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