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Hisense 266 Liters Double Door Refrigerator - Silver

Hisense 266 Liters Double Door Refrigerator - Silver

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Unfreeze Your Life with Hisense: Introducing the Hisense 266 Liters Double Door Refrigerator 

Tired of freezer frost and wilted produce? Say hello to the Hisense RT266N4CGN, your sleek silver solution to effortless freshness and a peaceful home. This modern marvel boasts innovative features and cutting-edge technology, making it the ideal choice for small families, solo living, or anyone who appreciates quality, convenience, and quiet enjoyment.

Chill Out, Effortlessly:

    • No Frost Freedom: Ditch the defrosting drama! This fridge uses advanced no-frost technology to prevent frost buildup, saving you time and keeping your cool.
    • Even Chill Zone: Food stays fresher longer with the surrounding cooling system that distributes cold air evenly throughout the fridge and freezer, eliminating forgotten corners and wilted produce.
    • Crisper Confidence: Keep your fruits and veggies vibrant and crisp with the dedicated Moisture Fresh Crisper. Its adjustable humidity control lets you personalize the environment for different types of produce, maximizing their shelf life.

Energy Efficient and Bright:

    • Power of LED: Strategically placed LED lighting illuminates every corner of your fridge while using less energy and producing less heat. Say goodbye to dim corners and wasted space!
    • Super Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful home with a whisper-quiet noise level of about 38 dB. No more fridge hum interrupting your day or disturbing your sleep.

Built for Style and Functionality:

    • Elegant Design: The polished silver finish complements any kitchen décor, while the recessed door handle adds a touch of modern sophistication.
    • Ample Storage: With 205 liters of net volume, you'll have plenty of space for all your essentials. Adjustable shelves adapt to your needs, accommodating tall bottles, bulky containers, and everything in between.

The Hisense RT266N4CGN is ideal for:

    • Small families: Keep everyone's favorites fresh and organized.
    • Solo living: Enjoy ample space for all your grocery needs.
    • Office spaces: Store snacks and drinks for break-time refreshment.
    • Dorm rooms: Stay stocked with your favorite treats and meals.
    • Energy-conscious individuals: Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bills.

Order yours today and experience the Hisense difference!


    • Brand: Hisense
    • Model: RT266N4CGN
    • Capacity: 266 liters gross
    • Cooling: No-frost
    • Features: Surrounding cooling system, LED lighting, elegant design, recessed door handle, Moisture Fresh Crisper, Super Freeze function, adjustable shelves
    • Color: Silver

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