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Hisense 560L Side By Side 2 Door Refrigerator - Black

Hisense 560L Side By Side 2 Door Refrigerator - Black

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Unleash Culinary Freedom with the Hisense 560L Side By Side 2 Door Refrigerator : Your Side-by-Side Gateway to Spacious Style and Precision Chill

Craving a fridge that's as impressive as your culinary ambitions? Look no further than the Hisense Side By Side 2 Door Refrigerator . This American-style side-by-side wonder boasts a whopping 561-liter capacity, cutting-edge technology, and flexible features, making it the ideal choice for families, adventurous cooks, and anyone who appreciates style, functionality, and the freedom to chill on their terms.

Chill Your Way, Effortlessly:

    • Triple Zone Cooling with My Fresh Choice: Take charge of your chill! Choose between fridge, freezer, or a customizable My Fresh Choice compartment that adapts to your needs, perfectly preserving meats, dairy, or even delicate wines.
    • Super Cool & Super Freeze: Need a rapid chill for leftovers or ice cream? These functions blast the fridge or freezer with extra power, preserving freshness and saving you time.
    • Multi-Function Pantry Drawer: Store your deli favorites in style! This dedicated drawer provides the ideal environment for cheese, meats, or chilled drinks, keeping them perfectly preserved and easily accessible.
    • Intelligent Temperature Control: Enjoy consistent chill at every level. This technology maintains optimal temperatures throughout the fridge and freezer, regardless of how often you open the door.

Abundant Space, Effortless Access:

    • 561L Gross Capacity: Conquer your grocery trips with confidence! This expansive interior, along with adjustable shelves and door bins, caters to all your storage needs, from family feasts to party platters and everything in between.
    • Side-by-Side Convenience: Enjoy ultimate access and organization. The double-door design provides full visibility and easy reach to all your chilled and frozen favorites.
    • Sleek Silver Finish: The polished silver exterior complements any kitchen décor, adding a touch of modern elegance and sophistication.
    • Inverter Technology: Save money on electricity bills without sacrificing performance. This advanced technology ensures efficient operation and a longer lifespan for your fridge.

Built for Quality and Convenience:

    • Integrated LED Display with Touch Control: Take charge of your chill with ease! The intuitive control panel lets you adjust temperatures, activate functions, and monitor settings with a simple touch.
    • Holiday Function: Going on vacation? This clever feature minimizes energy consumption while keeping your food fresh, perfect for peace of mind during extended absences.
    • Adjustable Legs: Ensure a perfect fit! Adjust the legs to level your fridge on any surface, keeping it stable and operating efficiently.
    • Built-in Ice Maker: Enjoy chilled drinks on demand! The convenient ice maker ensures you always have fresh ice on hand for parties, cocktails, or refreshing summer days.

The Hisense 560L Side By Side 2 Door Refrigerator is ideal for:

    • Families: Keep everyone's favorites fresh and organized.
    • Ambitious cooks: Store all your ingredients for culinary creations.
    • Large households: Enjoy ample space for groceries and leftovers.
    • Office spaces: Stock up on essentials for break-time refreshments and team treats.
    • Eco-conscious individuals: Reduce your carbon footprint with energy-efficient features.

Order yours today and experience the Hisense difference!


    • Brand: Hisense
    • Model: RC-56WS4S2
    • Capacity: 561 liters gross
    • Cooling: Triple Zone Cooling with My Fresh Choice
    • Features: Super Cool, Super Freeze, Multi-Function Pantry Drawer, Intelligent Temperature Control, Holiday Function, Adjustable Legs, Built-in Ice Maker
    • Color: Silver

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